A leading electrical wholesaler has cemented its exclusive partnership with a global home automation specialist.

The building technologies division of Park Electrical Distributors undertook a three-day visit to Tel Aviv, Israel to meet the team at Vitrea Smart Home Technologies.

Building technologies manager, Paul Kinghorn, business development manager, Pete Craggs, sales director, Simon Mooney and managing director, Barry Wilkinson, all made the trip.

Gateshead-headquartered Park Electrical has four specialist divisions, lighting design, building technologies, industrial services and energy solutions, with subsidiary, My KNX Store, supplying customers with KNX components.

Building technologies manager, Paul Kinghorn, said: “Vitrea is truly at the cutting edge of innovation in home automation products and solutions. We are excited to be an exclusive supplier of its products to the UK as it provides us with great differentiation in the market.

“We were invited to meet the team in Tel Aviv and visit the company’s highly impressive factory over a three day period and we jumped at the chance.

“We have returned to the UK with a real enthusiasm to promote the benefits of Vitrea products to the property developer market, self builds and smart home buyers. One of the amazing products we will be offering is the Vitrea VTouch Pro. Simple to use and affordable, it represents the next generation of wireless technology for home automation. It replaces electrical switches and provides all the benefits of a typical home automation system without the need for expensive infrastructure, renovations or wired installations.

“Whilst in Tel Aviv, we met the Vitrea development and sales and marketing team and took part in a training session to gain a greater feel for the product while, at the same time, building our relationship with the team.

“We were all impressed by the cosmopolitan feel of Tel Aviv. The partnership provides us with a strong route to market with a leading brand that is changing the landscape of home automation.”

Isaac Seluk, CEO of Vitrea Technologies said: “Vitrea has become a game changer in the market. It does not need any infrastructure preparation. In effect, Vitrea turns the smart home product into a consumer good, like purchasing a TV, which is portable and able to be purchased and transferred at any stage of the building process.”