An employee of global one-to-one marketing specialist, Clicksco Group, has been recognised as an ‘Innovator of the Future’ in prestigious industry awards.

Ryan Jessop, KTP Associate at Clicksco, collected his Award of Best Future Innovator in the KTP Best of the Best Awards.

Supported by Innovate UK, the KTP Best of the Best Awards, shine a spotlight on the KTP projects that have delivered above and beyond expectation. Award judges reward exceptional impacts of KTP in areas including business growth, innovation, transformative change and extraordinary team and individual contributions.

Ryan was recognised for his contributions to Clicksco’s KTP with Durham University and specifically Carbon, its unique intent data management platform. The objective of the KTP is to increase online advertising targeting accuracy by modelling the nuances of consumer behaviour in response to advertising in order to predict click through rate (CTR).

Developed from its Teesside office, where Ryan is based, Carbon DMP is an innovative SaaS tool, providing actionable audience insights and more profitable data management for advertisers, publishers, and agencies.

Ryan, 22, embarked on the 2-year KTP Associate role at Clicksco after graduating from Durham University in 2017. He explains: “We are collecting, managing, processing and cleaning data, which is then used to build ML models, built from behavioural patterns in data. It has been an end to end process and as we are a small team, I have been able to play a large part in the process.”

During the project Ryan saw an opportunity, above and beyond the initial objective, to calculate an Intent Score for a consumer using statistical measures derived from behavioural features based on multiple pageviews. This results in a higher quality signal than the traditional industry approach of binary categorisation as either Interest or Intent.

Ryan said: “My time at Clicksco has held plenty of surprises. I have been tasked with developing code I never expected to be involved in. I work on strategic long-term commercial projects, independent research, which is aimed at fulfilling KTP deliverables, reviewing other people’s code and sharing statistical knowledge across the team. I initially thought I would be removed from the production line but I have been able to be involved directly and seen the results of our work right through to client feedback.”

Pete Danks, Carbon divisional CEO, said: “The KTP has been an incredible success for Clicksco and for Ryan’s own development. Innovation is key to pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in the ever-evolving digital landscape. To stay ahead of the curve, Clicksco is committed to challenging and extending our team’s expertise, particularly with the North East’s burgeoning tech scene.”

Ryan will continue his work with Clicksco as Data Scientist, following the end of the KTP. Discussing his decision to stay on, Ryan said: “It’s a great team to work with and the offices are an excellent place to work and we’re proud to operate under a four day week which has a positive impact on the team as a whole, as we are incredibly productive.

As Clicksco looks forward to welcoming a new associate into the team, Ryan gives his advice to upcoming KTP graduates: “I would say to not worry about gaps in your knowledge – there is time to learn the skills you may be missing as a graduate. Embrace moving from academia into the business environment. It’s much more about collaboration and gives you the opportunity to link up with people from different backgrounds. Embrace their knowledge instead of trying to stay in your area of expertise and you will learn something from everyone.”

Offering advertisers, publishers, and agencies intelligent, actionable insights to improve personalised online experiences and more profitable audience data monetization, Carbon uses data science and ML to unify audience data across the digital ecosystem with valuable intent data. This data can then be used to gain a rich understanding of online consumer needs, behaviours and intent, in real-time, to be leveraged for more profitable customer acquisition, better publisher monetisation, and better user experiences.