A Teesside software consultancy firm has completed the design and build of a specialist solution for the construction industry.

Sapere Software, based in Stockton, designed and built a specialist software-as-a-service solution called CORE, which is set to revolutionise how construction projects are managed.

The solution is the brainchild of CORE’s founder Paul Bass and aims to tackle inefficiencies in the construction industry by providing a single source of trusted data, which can then be shared with project management teams.

Paul said: “The project came about from my experience as a practising quantity surveyor and discovering how the same issues of inefficiencies and problems could have been mitigated if the decision makers had access to real time data.

“In the construction sector, around 90 per cent of construction professionals say lack of coordination is the main reason projects run over budget or past deadlines.

“CORE cuts through all these challenges and help construction firms focus on delivering value in their projects to their clients. With CORE, project managers and decision makers will have access to real-time data onsite and in the board room, reducing the need for numerous meetings, reports, inaccurate spreadsheets and the time spent on email.”

Commercial director of Sapere, Paul Drake, said: “The team wanted to grow the software and chose Sapere as they needed an expert team to facilitate this.

“We initially provided consultancy to evaluate the potential to scale the platform, along with a formulated plan to safely move the software, database and resources. This allowed us to rectify the limitation in scalability and re-develop the platform into a future proof application for growth.

“We like to see all projects succeed so the company owner can profit from the benefits software can bring, and we’re always happy to do anything to help the North East business community grow.”

Paul Bass added: “Working with Sapere was fantastic; they’re a great team, really professional, friendly and collaborative. They are the experts in their field and have guided us in getting CORE over the line.

“The next stage is to get early adopters involved from the Tees Valley, so we can embed the system in a live environment and provide feedback on performance.”