Paul Card Recruitment, an accounting and finance recruitment agency based at Wynyard Business Park, is celebrating its ninth year of business.

The business began with just Paul Card, Director of Paul Card Recruitment, and has since scaled to now seven employees. The team doubled itself throughout the pandemic, growing from three to six employees. 

The company began with Paul himself, back in 2013 and since then, the successful recruitment agency has placed over 500 people in accountancy and finance positions. 

The team at Paul Card Recruitment have had massive success with filling high-level positions for clients, including Head of Finance at Jacksons Law, Finance Director at Able UK, Finance Manager at Green Lithium and Chief Financial Officer at Pacifica. 

Paul has also recently been appointed as Ambassador for the Institute of Directors for the North East (South) Branch, where he will be a voice for local directors in the North East and support their professional development. 

In a statement, he said “I am delighted with our growth in recent years, from starting Paul Card Recruitment in 2013 as just myself, to now a team of seven staff, I am proud of the business we are today and am looking forward to our future and further growth plans.”

“Most importantly I am proud of how we have created a brilliant culture that is driven by a strong vision. I wholeheartedly believe that finding happiness at work is key for not just our team, but our clients and candidates as well. When we are happy at work we lead more fulfilling lives and that drives us to do our best for our candidates and clients, who in turn find happiness and fulfillment.”

The pandemic affected the recruitment industry and could have had a detrimental impact on the business. However, Paul Card took the initiative to develop the business and the team. The recruitment agency invested in a new CRM and restructured the team, bringing on board a third recruitment consultant, a talent acquisition consultant and a marketing executive, which doubled the number of employees. They also began to further their marketing efforts with the help from local marketing agency, Surge Marketing Solutions.

Bringing in new employees through lockdown, meant Paul had to make adaptations to the way the team worked. He introduced remote working and onboarding, which despite bringing its own challenges, proved successful for the company. The Teesside business’s ability to adapt, meant they have been able to support staff with a permanent hybrid and remote working model, giving the employees more flexibility and a better work/life balance. 

We spoke to Lyn Flynn, Office Manager of Paul Card, “Working at Paul Card Recruitment brings out the best in me, Paul appreciates his staff, is a great mentor and respects his team. He is open and honest with all his staff and everyone has a voice, which makes working for the company a pleasure, and a job I love to come to every morning.”