A Teesside-based commercial glazing specialist has a clear view of success after a record-breaking year.

Polar NE, which is based in Middlesbrough, has been designing, fabricating and installing glazing solutions for businesses across the North East and beyond for nearly 40 years.

In the 12 months between 2020 and 2021, it has enjoyed turnover growth of around 60 per cent, and profit has increased by nearly 300 per cent, to around £1m. The company has also made a number of significant new hires, including buyers, fabricators and designers.

Managing director James Hill said: “It’s been a great year, and part of that has come from being as efficient as we can while still offering an excellent service and benefiting from an amazing team.

“We have really been focusing on ensuring we are looking at the areas that we can make the biggest impact on reducing waste and increasing efficiencies.

“We’ve also been building the right teams up throughout the company, which has then allowed us to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities we get from our sales team building our pipeline up.”

James and the rest of the seven-strong senior leadership team have also been working with renowned business coach Ian Kinnery to support Polar’s growth plans.

James added: “We’ve been working with Ian for a while now, since around 2015, and he always gives us so much to work with.

“Working with him has really changed the way we think and operate as individuals but also together as a team. As a growing company we are coming up against new challenges daily; Ian has given us the tools and the mindset to tackle these in a positive way.

“I feel Ian is key to holding us accountable throughout the process and keeps us on track for success.”

Ian, who has more than 35 years of experience in supporting company owners and leaders, said: “It’s been really rewarding to see how James – and the rest of the Polar team – has grown in confidence since we’ve been working together.

“Polar has such a wonderful history, having been in the architectural glazing business since 1983 and, with James at the helm, I’m confident it has an incredibly bright future too.”

For more information about Polar NE, visit polarne.co.uk and for more details about Ian Kinnery’s coaching and leadership development, visit www.kinnery.co.uk.