Stockton Bearings and Transmissions has celebrated its love of football by partnering with the Middlesbrough FC Business Club Plus.

The partnership sees the business showcase local pride, as the company’s branding is broadcast throughout every matchday at the Riverside, being viewed by thousands of local supporters and a potentially nationwide audience.

The business was formed by Pat Hodgers and Martyn Semark in 1990 and has grown to become the largest stockist, distributor, and supplier of bearings, power transmission and industrial and workplace products in the North East. Centred around employing local people, Middlesbrough FC plays an important role in the lives of those working at Stockton Bearings and Transmissions. Dan Thurlwell of Stockton Bearings and Transmissions explains why the company chose to partner with the Middlesbrough FC Business Club:

“People get an impression that the business just works within Stockton, whereas we’re more of a full engineering industrial supplies stockist supplying the North East and beyond. It was a case of letting a wider audience know, as well as being linked with the club that many of us support. We know a lot of our customers and potential customers will be at the games.

“Most of us are season ticket holders and we get to see the branding at every game. We get to see the company logo pitch-side and on the concourse, so you’re associated with the club and there’s pride in working for a company that’s linked to the club you support.”

The Middlesbrough FC Business stems from a partnership between the Football Club and Eleven Sports Media. As a Business Club Plus partner, Stockton Bearings and Transmissions see its company branding displayed on pitch and crowd-facing LED boards; as well as featuring on StadiumTV and StatZone screens, located within the concourses. This multi-layered approach enables the business to engage with supporters at various points throughout every home game.

In addition to the matchday branding, Stockton Bearings and Transmissions also feature on StatTracker social media content that is shared to the Football Club’s official channels. Establishing the company’s association with Middlesbrough beyond the Riverside held a great appeal to the business, Dan Thurlwell explained:

“We were able to see the value in the social media side of the Business Club. Being able to showcase our partnership via social media was massive for us and was key to what we wanted to.


“Social media is just as important as the matchday branding as it cements our affiliation with a club like Middlesbrough and their supporters. It enables us to interact with a wider audience. Without the digital element, you’re relying on the same people seeing it every week, whereas this approach can reach a lot more people.”

Middlesbrough FC Business Club partners are also invited to exclusive events that have included Q&A evenings with former Boro players and tours of the stadium. These events have allowed Stockton Bearings and Transmissions to meet like-minded companies and expand their network of local businesses.

The effectiveness of the partnership has been demonstrated to the company through the consistent feedback that the business has received from their clients:

“We’ve had people speak to us that have seen the logo, either pitch-side, on the concourses, or through us using the Business Club Plus logo on our invoices, delivery notes and literature. We were approached by a potential client, who wouldn’t necessarily have considered us a big-name player within our industry, on the basis that they saw us at the football.

“By being partnered with the Middlesbrough FC Business Club Plus, it shows that we’re a big company and we’re good at what we do. It’s begun to open doors for us because you don’t have to explain who you are or what you do from the outset; it’s a starting point in a conversation that you potentially wouldn’t have had.”