Great Annual Savings Group’s (GAS) longest-serving staff received a have received a boost following the launch of the company’s new staff loyalty initiative.

The 12 employees with more than three years’ service were today presented with a £1,000 holiday voucher each and an extra day of holiday to be used in their fourth or fifth year of employment.

The scheme rewards the company’s loyal staff with vouchers that can be used through GAS’ travel partner Designer Travel.

The three employees who had exceeded five years’ service were rewarded with an unbelievable £4,000 holiday voucher and five days of paid holiday to enjoy in their sixth year of employment.

Judith Bennison, Group HR Director, is running the pioneering programme and is thrilled with the response from staff.

She said: “We launched this wonderful new initiative during our recent staff conference and it certainly got chins wagging. I’ve heard wonderful things from our staff when discussing the rewards they could earn.

“We’re clear at GAS that we do things differently.  I don’t know of any companies who offer such rich rewards for performance and loyalty.  We do it purely because we recognise our staff are our greatest asset.  Plenty of companies say things like that, but we think our commitment to providing an unparalleled employee experience is proof that we mean it.

“We’d like nothing more than to give plenty of these rewards out to staff over the coming months and years.  We ask our staff to reflect during their holiday on their accomplishments to date and goals moving forward.  This is with a view to achieving one of our internally-used engagement phrases which implores them to go beyond being a good employee to being a great one.”

GAS’ longest serving employee is Mark Jones, Associate Business Solutions Director (UKI Business Division).  He said: “I’ve never heard of this sort of employee reward before.  Our entire division was thrilled with the scheme when Judith announced it at our staff conference.

“That entire day was a positive experience for our staff.  The future plans for the Group have everyone excited and wanting to drive GAS on to the next level.

“From a personal point of view, I’d like to thank the Chief Executive for his generosity and I look forward to many more successful years with the Group.”


Great Annual Savings Group congratulates the following staff on their long service:

Mark Jones, five years

Steven Lyons, five years

Lauren Redman, five years

Natalie Paterson, four years

Greg Holder, four years

Stephanie Johnson, four years

Liam Groves, four years

Richard Affleck, four years

Joshua Green, four years

Craig Shields, four years

Ryan Groves, three years

Paul Johnson, three years

Matthew Herrell, three years

Terrie Balfour, three years

Anthony Douthwaite, three years