A brand-new boutique, specialising in one-size clothing, accessories and homeware has opened its doors.


Born out of a desire to create a happy, stress-free clothes shopping experience, The House of Eden aims to encourage body positivity through its extensive range of one-size clothing and accessories.


Based on Ricknall Avenue on Aycliffe Business Park, The House of Eden will offer customers a friendly, welcoming and enjoyable shopping experience as well as striving to cater to specific product requests. 


Alongside the bricks and mortar establishment, The House of Eden is also available online at www.thehouseofeden.co.uk and at various events, shows, markets and fundraisers throughout the North-East in a converted horsebox, a quirky little ‘shop on wheels’ named Hettie. 


Owner, Louisa McLean explains: “I set up The House of Eden following years of negative shopping experiences. More often than not I would end up feeling disheartened and down about myself as I would think I’m one size, but when I go and try on the clothes they wouldn’t fit, sometimes not even nearly! This is because clothing sizes often vary so much from brand to brand.


“I figured that if I felt this way, there will be countless others that do too, and The House of Eden was born. I decided that I would only sell one-size clothing to take away this frustration. It’s been a dream of mine to have my own store for years now so I can’t wait to open my doors to the public and welcome everyone in!”


As well as one-size clothing, you can find homeware items, home fragrances and greetings cards at The House of Eden for the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.