Global subsea engineering and technology company, Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD), is investing in a wealth of North East talent through its long-standing graduate scheme.


Providing aspiring engineers with the opportunity to work on its world-leading projects, SMD is sharing over 50 years of industry expertise with the next generation. With a strong focus on the research and development (R&D) of new technologies, the scheme is supporting the company’s ambitious innovation plans, creating valuable career opportunities and nurturing the forward-thinking ideas of fresh recruits.


Liam Hunt and Supitcha Kaenhirun are two of SMD’s most recent graduates, having joined the company earlier this year. Speaking on her experience so far, University of Nottingham graduate Ms Kaenhirun said: “After completing my masters in mechanical engineering, I was keen to expand my industry knowledge and gain some practical experience.


“At SMD, I’ve been given the opportunity to work across a diverse range of projects, all of which have really facilitated my development. For me, the best part about working here is the support and encouragement I’ve been given by my colleagues. I’m provided with enough responsibility to grow my independence, whilst having the reassurance of a strong support system, always willing to help me when I need it.” 


Founded in 2011, SMD’s graduate scheme was developed by Key Account Manager, Rob Eddon. Speaking on the programme, Mr Eddon explained: “I’m hugely proud of the opportunities that SMD creates for young people in the North East. 


“I joined the team back in 2008, having recently completed an engineering and business degree at Northumbria University. I had a fantastic experience and wanted to share it with as many people as possible. The graduate scheme I went on to develop was really a reflection of this. 


“At SMD, we encourage each member of our team to become the very best version of themselves. From questioning current methods to generating new ideas, we understand the importance of celebrating innovation – after all, we are a company founded from a world-first!


“It’s an absolute joy when graduates choose to join us permanently, and contribute to the long-term success of the business. We have incredibly talented people working here, and it’s their dedication and out of the box thinking that propels us forward.”


SMD’s HR Advisor, Rebecca Dryden, added: “At SMD, we pride ourselves on creating a culture of innovation and collaboration, and our graduate scheme is no exception.


“We are incredibly proud of the educational opportunities we offer – they provide young people with a diverse range of skills and allow them to gain valuable hands-on experience. Our programme helps aspiring engineers discover their passion, enabling them to work across numerous departments or focus on their chosen discipline. From graduates to managers, each member of the SMD family makes a valuable contribution to the business.


“As we welcome our newest recruits onboard, we endeavour to further their development and support them in their careers.”