North East business Silvermoor Ltd has launched a new poultry product, Alfa-Grit-Blocks to the consumer market, expanding their operations once again.

Alfa-Grit-Blocks are pure dried, high protein alfalfa and insoluble grit briquettes created to improve poultry welfare and digestive efficiency.

Silvermoor is known for its exceptional healthy horse forage haylage and treats range, and back in 2018 made its first foray into the poultry market with Silvermoor Peckers. Alfa-Grit-Blocks are the latest addition to their poultry range and are an ideal enrichment tool providing variety and a destructive form of enrichment to prevent a potential build-up of bacteria. The alfalfa the briquettes are made from is an excellent source of protein, a highly digestible fibre and is also rich in provitamin A carotenoids to enhance yolk colour.

Ralph Thompson, managing director of Silvermoor, commenting on the product said: “The insoluble grit dispersed within the block enables normal development of the gizzard which is essential for a happy and healthy hen. These individually packaged briquettes are ideal for small holders, hobby farmers or families with a small number of hens.

“We have been manufacturing and selling Alfa-Grit-Blocks in larger quantities to commercial poultry farmers for 18 months, so we know the product works and helps maintain happy healthy hens.”

Silvermoor guarantee a consistent product as they have complete control over the forage products they manufacture and sell. The alfalfa is grown and harvested by the team in the UK, it is then dried using their sustainable heat source which locks in nutrients and its natural bright green colour, the products are then packed on site to ensure quality and to minimise their carbon footprint.