Regeneration specialists RE:GEN Group has committed to creating up to 50 apprenticeships per year thanks to a new training model and delivery approach within the construction & social housing sectors.

RE:GEN Group, which recently joined forces with training provider, RE:geon Training, will deliver a range of training courses from traditional trades to Green Skills and Level 2 Retrofit, to 400 local people, creating up to 50 apprenticeships per year.

The strategic partnership further strengthens the Group’s proposition and aims to provide first class training skills and qualifications, acting as a gateway to securing employment for those looking to work within the construction industry.

The move follows the successful launch of both RE:geon’s pre-employment BUILD UP programme and RE:GEN’s apprenticeship Academy last summer, which compliment one another in combating skills’ shortages, and is dedicated to developing individuals rather than basing it solely on current skillset.

Almost 70% of the first cohort progressed with six out of the nine students receiving full-time job offers with RE:GEN Group upon completion of the course. With an increase to 80% in the second cohort, the Group is firmly on track to achieve 100% progression rate with their next cohorts.

Now, RE:geon Training aims to provide even more opportunities for individuals looking for a career in the construction industry and will provide the skills and qualifications they need to compete within the market.

Lee Francis, CEO at RE:GEN Group, said: “I’m delighted to welcome RE:geon Training into the group. We both share a passion for people and a commitment to improving the lives of the communities we serve.

“In just 12 months, we have established a very successful working relationship with Nadia and the team at RE:geon. During initial discussions, we explored how we could collaborate together on a project by project basis but quickly realised it was more than just a collaboration – this was a vision for the future. We share a similar ethos and set of values, so it felt natural to align our businesses.

“We believe we have created a strong proposition through our Academy, especially with the addition of RE:geon’s pre-employment services. RE:geon is not exclusive to the group. They support our clients, stakeholders and wider supply chain so the benefits really will be felt across the industry. As a ‘Group’, we are committed to supporting RE:geon in the delivery of construction ‘bootcamps’ for up to 400 learners per year, creating around 50 full time apprenticeships within our business as a result.

“As a business, we are incredibly proud of what we are achieving. Not only are we delivering on our promises but with RE:geon and the major support from our client partners (believe, Gentoo, Karbon, Thirteen and Bernicia), we are now able to flow a variety of support services through our supply chain. In pursuit of a safer, more sustainable and more profitable future for all.”

Over the years, RE:geon Training has forged strong connections with a network of learners and North East employers and has a strong reputation for successfully placing people into work.

Their BUILD UP Construction Programme & new Route 2 Retrofit Bootcamp, most of which are fully funded, are dedicated to developing individuals in a bid to tackle skills shortages, fill employers staffing gaps and address record levels of unemployment. As well as supporting many businesses in their Net Zero journey by upskilling and redefining their workforces.

Nadia Scott, Managing Director of RE:geon Training, commented: “This is a great opportunity for RE:geon Training to become a major player within the construction & social housing sectors. We’ve developed a real niche in this area and are the only training company in the North East to offer traineeships of this kind where with RE:GEN’s support we can cover the costs for those students who were previously not eligible for funding. Having recently launched our new Route 2 Retrofit Programme and Going Green with Lean Programme, there’s no stopping how far we can go to support the local region, whether it be helping individuals to get onto the career ladder or upskilling entire workforces for the future.

“We are in the process of working with RE:GEN to develop a full Green skills menu to further support the decarbonisation drive. Something all businesses should engage with to make a real difference within Construction.

“Joining the Group has been an excellent fit for our business and we’re looking forward to creating even more opportunities for local people as this partnership evolves.”