Resolution, a strategic PR and design agency based in Stockton celebrates its fifth anniversary this month and has marked the achievement with a complete rebrand and a new team member.

Sharon Starkey, managing director said: “Over the last five years our services have developed and we had naturally outgrown our brand. The company has matured significantly to satisfy the requirements of our clients and we have introduced design to the PR offer, allowing us to present a complete service to our clients.”

By combining design with the written word Resolution’s clients have seen improved results from their communications and the creative agency has applied those same strategies to their own material to present more clarity to their offer.

Sharon recently attended Digital City’s SCALE programme which is having a direct impact on Resolution’s growth: “SCALE gave us the opportunity to focus on the business and apply the same principles to Resolution that we do for our clients.”

She added: “It’s been an interesting exercise, one we have done as a team, and it was refreshing to learn that we already knew where our specialisms lie and were aware of what we represent; like many businesses, we simply weren’t communicating it. We did our homework and asked clients and suppliers for feedback before starting to develop our new identity and we are pleased with the results.

“Good communication is essential to a brand’s success and our team of hand selected industry experts has depicted our business perfectly.”

The exercise also allowed the business to review organisational and client task against skill set and a decision was made to improve productivity by adding an office manager to the team, freeing up the core team for client work.

Based in Gloucester House in Stockton, the company that describes itself as the voice of its clients’ brand, provides services throughout the UK but remains true to its Teesside location. Sharon explained: “Our whole team lives in the region, we are passionate about the area and feel privileged to have the opportunity to represent successful local businesses. We see so much positive local news daily and it is essential we share the stories with the rest of the world.”