BoxWay Packaging Group in Peterlee has enlisted Cramlington-based Reproflex3, a leading prepress, flexographic plate manufacturer and FMCG packaging print specialist, to support its transformation into a premier player in the corrugated packaging industry.

The partnership includes the adoption of Vortex, Reproflex3’s multi award-winning corrugated screening technology, as well as comprehensive training and development support for BoxWay’s sales team and production staff.

BoxWay Packaging Group is an independent UK-based flexographic and digital print corrugated packaging business with sites in County Durham and Devon.

The company manufactures high-quality packaging solutions within the UK corrugated and paper-based packaging industry, supplying FMCG brands, national food and drink producers, manufacturers and online retailers.

As part of a two-year strategic investment programme to increase production capacity and widen its capabilities in the market, BoxWay has invested over £1 million at its Peterlee plant in a new Weipong five-colour Rotary Die Cut Flexographic Printer.

The strategic investment boosts BoxWay’s standard 1-2 colour print offering to take on complex five colour designs on coated papers to meet the evolving requirements of its SME and blue-chip customer base.

By teaming up with Reproflex3, BoxWay aims to leverage their expertise and flexographic print technologies to maximise the capabilities of its investment and elevate its business to new heights by offering customers more colours and the ability to print on more sophisticated substrates and coated materials.

At the core of the partnership lies Vortex, Reproflex3’s innovative, high-definition corrugated screening technology, which enhances print quality and optimises ink coverage, resulting in vivid and consistent packaging designs where small runs as well as larger volumes of production can be equally catered for.

To ensure a seamless adoption of Vortex, Reproflex3 is providing bespoke training and development support to BoxWay Packaging Group’s sales team and production staff, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to maximise the capabilities of Vortex and deliver exceptional packaging solutions to clients.

“We are delighted to partner with BoxWay Packaging Group on their journey to becoming a premier league packaging player,” said Mark Vaus, technical sales director for corrugated at Reproflex3.

“The prepress offering to the corrugated industry has stagnated in the last decade which is never a good thing. We have seen repro companies fall by the wayside through lack of investment and the inability to offer something different.

“The Vortex technology we’ve developed is very unique, offering unparalleled benefits from overall equipment effectiveness and operational cost efficiencies to improved image definition, enhanced colour vibrancy, and superior detail reproduction, making it an ideal choice for BoxWay Packaging Group in its pursuit to become a market leading packaging player.

“Through the implementation of Vortex, along with our training and development support, we are confident that BoxWay will achieve their goals and surpass expectations in the UK corrugated packaging industry.”

BoxWay Packaging Group shares the enthusiasm for this new partnership and the opportunities it presents for growth.

“We are excited to join forces with Reproflex3 and benefit from their expertise in packaging prepress solutions,” said Andrew Woollard, CEO at BoxWay Packaging Group.

“Reproflex 3 was an extremely easy choice for the business,” explains Woollard. “It was crucial to select a partner that is innovative, forward thinking and can deliver the value-added technical support the business requires.

“With the application of Vortex along with the training on offer, we are confident that we can elevate our business and provide our clients with even more exceptional packaging solutions.”