The People Group at Constructing Excellence in the North East (CENE) is at the forefront of direct support to those affected by the fall of Metnor and Tolent.

Led by Nik Turner, director of communities and customer services at believe housing, the People Group has created a jobs board highlighting opportunities to former workers at both companies and the wider supply chain.

Contractors with vacancies have also listed opportunities on LinkedIn, including Esh Group, RE: GEN, Seymour Civil Engineering Contractors, MGL Group, Turner & Townsend and Mott MacDonald. Regional recruitment companies, including CDM Recruitment, are also placing displaced workers free of charge and the jobs board created by the People Group is on the CENE website.

The People Group works across all sectors of the construction industry, supporting employers of all sizes and their workforce.

Working with education providers, the Group assists curriculum development through industry liaison, ensuring learners obtain industry relevant skills to complement their academic and vocational studies.

It also works with the North East Local Enterprise Partnerships to attract, develop, retain, reward and celebrate people equipped with the necessary personal, technical and leadership skills.

Group members include Esh Group, Carney Consultancy, Bowmer+Kirkland, Ryder Architecture, believe housing, RE: GEN Group, Hartlepool College and Construction Alliance North East (CAN).

2023, will see a focus on the four key sector themes within CENE – people, value, innovation and climate – which are designed to showcase good practice across the region and beyond. By harnessing the wealth of knowledge and experience of its industry members and partners, the groups identify opportunities for the region’s development, building on existing good practice to deliver a more productive sector, delivering long term value and sustainability for society.

The themes build on the work of the OneVoice North East England construction strategy and action plan, launched in 2020, with the aim of creating a successful, sustainable and inclusive construction industry, equipped with the people and technology to deliver a carbon neutral, built environment, by 2050, if not before.

Nik Turner, said: “The People Group is a conduit between employers, colleges, universities, schools, the people who work within our sector and those thinking about a career in it.

“Our sector is an amazing place to work and our people are our most valuable asset. The creation of a jobs board for displaced workers at Tolent and Metnor, is a small action but one of many that we are seeing across the built environment.  It comes as no surprise that individuals and organisations have stepped up to support workers who have been made redundant.”

Catriona Lingwood, chief executive at CENE, said: “Now, more than ever, people are at the front of our mind within the built environment. It is great to see the North East construction sector coming together to support those affected by the bad news we have heard in the region in recent weeks.

“Most recently, we have seen RE: GEN Group launch a new division after saving 30 construction jobs from former Tolent workers. This is just one example of the support coming in from across the sector. The People Group is a key driver in highlighting best practices and the importance of working together. In collaboration with our other theme groups, we look forward to showcasing and supporting the great people within the North East built environment.”