Chris Garvey, who runs CG Joinery and Building in Bedlington, has embarked on a new venture to address the critical need for education among young children on the power of a positive mindset.

His unusual deviation from his day job came after Chris took a personal journey of self-discovery through mental and physical challenges to help create a more confident and resilient version of himself.

He recognised the lack of resources available for children to develop their mental resilience and self-confidence. In response, he has incorporated Wolf Instinct Mindset, and within this business he has written a book and organised outdoor challenges aimed at fostering self-belief and resilience in young people.

He is also creating a community and podcast all with the intention of educating parents on the power of a positive mindset and helping children forge a positive mindset.

Garvey’s primary business specialises in loft conversions, commercial conversions, HMO conversions and garage conversions; however, his recent focus has shifted towards addressing the mental health challenges faced by young people.

“My daughter struggled with her mindset and mental health a few years ago; he explains. I searched for resources to help her but found a glaring gap in the market for education tailored to children to help them understand and create a positive mindset. That’s when I decided to leverage my own personal growth journey to create something impactful for kids. Looking ahead, I believe that the next huge pandemic on the horizon will be young people’s mental health and we must act now to prevent this happening.”

His new book, “Whispers of the Wolf Within: Tales of Hidden Strength”, is designed to introduce children to the power of a positive mindset through engaging stories of characters overcoming challenges. Chris believes that instilling a positive mindset at a young age can equip children with the self-belief and resilience needed to navigate life’s obstacles. A second book in the series is due out in the Summer.

In addition to his literary efforts, he has launched Wolf Instinct’s Alpha Outdoor Challenges, a programme that exposes children to challenges, takes them safely out of their comfort zone and encourages them to overcome fears through outdoor activities.

The challenges are conducted in a safe environment under the supervision of trained

professionals, with an emphasis on building confidence and perseverance.


“Children today spend a significant amount of time indoors mainly on computers, often shielded from discomfort and challenges. They don’t do what the older generation did which is play out and have mini adventures. As a result, as they get older, they don’t have life experiences and don’t know how to handle things. They lack the resilience and self-belief necessary to cope with adversity later in life.

“Through Wolf Instinct’s Alpha Outdoor Challenges, we aim to provide them with the tools and mindset needed to thrive in the face of challenges through exercises like assault courses, tree climbing and problem solving.

“These days aren’t just about doing the activities but about educating the children about what they are learning and how it relates to life’s challenges, and how by doing these challenges it is teaching them they have the inner strength and resilience to overcome and thrive when a challenge in life presents itself.”

The success of Chris’ pilot event which took place in North Yorkshire with several young people underscores the effectiveness of his approach, with participants expressing newfound determination and confidence after completing the challenges.

“I believe that by equipping children with a positive mindset early on, we can mitigate

the prevalence of mental health issues in the future, Garvey asserts “My goal is to empower children to embrace discomfort, cultivate resilience, and unlock their full potential.”

With his innovative blend of joinery expertise and positive mindset education, Chris Garvey is making a meaningful impact on the mental well-being of future generations.