Climate Action North East has secured Doug Allan to speak at its upcoming conference.

The BBC cameraman and award-winning photographer has worked on such high profile programmes as Blue Planet.

The topics of rewilding and climate change will be discussed and explored on June 5 in Gateshead to celebrate the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) World Environment Day.

Rewilding is defined as the mass restoration of ecosystems and to achieve this goal on the scale that’s needed, rewilding must be on the agenda and minds of everyone in a position to take action.

The conference, Rewilding – A Solution For Climate Change, hosted by County Durham based Climate Action North East and sponsored by Resilient Business Systems, will focus on rewilding as one of the potential solutions for mitigating the effects of Climate Change.

Managing director at Climate Action North East, Sharon Lashley, said: “There’s growing interest in rewilding in Britain, and it’s important that we work to find understanding and take action to create ways of living that not only restores the natural world but also our prospects for a sustainable, safe and prosperous world.

“To achieve this goal on the scale that’s needed, rewilding in all its forms must be on the agenda and minds of everyone, not least those in the business world, conservation, farming and community sectors. This conference gives us the opportunity to bring everyone together and explore the opportunities and benefits that large and small-scale rewilding can offer.”

Fife-born Doug Alan first visited the polar regions in 1976, and during the 43-years since has witnessed the effects of climate change, including the impacts that global tourism and human lifestyles continue to have on the planet.

He said: “I’ll be covering successes and setbacks in my presentation at the Rewilding Conference during my own personal experiences exploring the challenges of climate change. I’ve learned to balance climate reality with climate optimism and most importantly, to realise that everyone has to be working together to inspire a change of direction.”

The conference will also welcome speakers Prof Alastair Driver – Rewilding Britain specialist advisor, Isabella Tree – co-owner Knepp Estate and author of Wilding, David Hetherington – author of The Lynx And Us, Sacha Dench – conservationist, adventurer and motivational speaker, Professor Chris Stokes – glacier specialist and researcher, and will be chaired by Mike Pratt – CEO of the Northumberland Wildlife Trust.

Climate Action North East’s previous climate change conference featured Chris Packham, who is currently hosting BBC One’s Blue Planet Live.

Rewilding – A Solution For Climate Change takes place at the Newcastle Gateshead Marriott Hotel on June 5. Tickets are available here.