Teesside-based Nouveau Group has announced the appointment of Victoria Dunn as managing director of Nouveau Wellbeing and ActivCare Coaching.

At the same time, managing director, Bethany Ainsley, steps up to Group CEO.

Victoria’s appointment comes at a time of considerable growth for Nouveau Group, including the opening of an office at The Biosphere, Newcastle.

The business was established 10 years ago by award winning entrepreneur, Bethany Ainsley, who found success with dance and fitness company, Nouveau Wellbeing, developing new and exciting methods to support people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to engage, increase and sustain physical activity levels.

In 2018, The Nouveau Group won the Susan Dobson award for entrepreneurship and Bethany was crowned North East Business Woman of the Year. The Nouveau Group consists of Nouveau Wellbeing, ActivCare Coaching and OptiMe.

Bethany, said: “I have spent ten years successfully growing Nouveau Wellbeing and delivering programmes to hundreds of people, including some of the most vulnerable individuals across the North East.

“In 2017, I saw a gap in the market and launched ActivCare Coaching to equip professionals and carers working with vulnerable older adults with the skills to improve the wellbeing of people within their care, via increased physical activity through a range of training and online courses.  Most recently, I have launched OptiMe, bespoke programmes for businesses committed to employee wellbeing. The team and I offer specialist wellbeing support through training, programmes, products and events.

“As I take a wider role within the business, Victoria takes up the post of managing director of Nouveau Wellbeing and ActivCare Coaching. She has great passion and a wealth of experience in leading charitable organisations, which have helped to improve the health and wellbeing of children, young people and older adults living in the North East.”



Victoria Dunn, said: “I am really excited to be working alongside Bethany.  During the past ten years, I have had the pleasure of leading several teams, developed services and secured up to £5 million in funding to inspire belief in over 4,000 young people, improve later life for over 10,000 older people and support over 50 charities in my profession as a chartered marketer.

“I’m passionate about helping others to improve their health and wellbeing so that everyone has the chance to live a happy, independent and fulfilled life.

“After being introduced to Bethany, I immediately admired her ambition and could see how our values were aligned. I was really impressed at the levels of social impact the business has on so many people.

“When Bethany approached me to become managing director I jumped at the opportunity. This is a real chance for me to drive the vision of a company, use my knowledge and experience, whilst making a difference to the lives of people.

“My ambition is to build upon Nouveau Wellbeing’s success by broadening the range and number of activities that are available to improve mental, emotional and physical health in grassroot communities across the North East through a range of funded and paid-for services.

“My aim for ActivCare Coaching is to work alongside health and social care professionals to develop our online accredited training programmes to increase the balance, stability and confidence of older adults and reduce falls in care settings.”