Royal Quays Outlet and Independent Centre has welcomed another new business to join the ever-growing number of visitor attractions on site.

The Arcade Warehouse is a new venue for the whole family containing a wide range of classic arcade games and modern state of the art units. From the classic Pac Man and Space Invaders of the 80’s through to future proof Virtual Reality, the venue offers a new, fresh look at the gaming world.

Unlike other more traditional arcades, the machines are all set to free play and an entrance fee of £8.95 is applied meaning that people can sample all the machines and play constantly through their two-hour time slots. The concept is the idea of Caton Airey and business partner Dan Rees who opened their first two Arcade Warehouses in their native Lincolnshire.

“We wanted to bring the idea to Royal Quays as there are already family-oriented activities here such as Inflata Nation and Gutterball Alley which means that families can come to the Outlet Centre and spend all-day having fun together at the various facilities,” said Caton.

As well as being the perfect venue for their business, Caton and Dan are investing even more of their time and money into the region.

“We came up to North Shields to have a look at the facilities here and decided that Royal Quays was the perfect place for us to expand our business. We tested the water by opening a small shop selling gaming peripherals, “My-G Gadgets Gizmos and Gaming” and that has been a success too.”

Caton currently employs six staff and is looking to take on more as the businesses grow. The Arcade also includes a café and the whole space is available for private parties and functions.

“What’s unique about the Arcade is the wide variety of games that we have on offer,” said Caton.”

“We are seeing parents coming in and going straight for the classic games such as Space Invaders as it reminds them of their teenage years, and we see our younger customers getting competitive in high-definition games or VR. Then we see the magic happening where parents and children talk about their experiences and try each other’s favourite games. It’s been fantastic to see families enjoying spending a few hours together and bonding in a safe, cool environment.”

Royal Quays Outlet and Independent Centre, manager Matt Dawson believes that the Arcade Warehouse is another step towards making the Centre more than just a good shopping centre but a destination for the whole family.

“The Centre is evolving constantly, and I am always looking at new, fresh ideas to welcome people her to shop, eat and enjoy themselves. We’ve already got several family-based activities both onsite and nearby which are attracting more people, especially families to enjoy their leisure time. Add to this our new cafes and bars and we have a great day out for the whole family.”