Working mum Jill Hudson’s brand-new advent app, Santa Academy, offers guilt-free screen-time for children and adds some much-needed magic to Christmas 2020; available to pre-order now.

Jill Hudson, a UK-based working mum, has brought forward the release of her innovative advent app to help children feel the Christmas magic in 2020. As many families won’t be able to visit Santa as usual due to the pandemic, children can now join Santa Academy, the world’s first School of Christmas, from the safety of their homes. Depending on the child’s choices, they’ll become a pupil of Elf Ed, Reindeer Recruit, or Fairy Fellow, just in time for Christmas.

Jill and her team pushed all the boundaries to ensure the app could be in children’s hands by December 2020, working around the clock to develop the project and make Christmas 2020 special.

The Santa Academy brand has quickly gained traction around the globe since its market launch in early September and the app is eagerly anticipated by parents and grandparents across the UK and USA.

The app is a unique blend of advent calendar and audiobook:

– It’s filled with stories, audio, activities, and even recipes. Children read, listen, watch and exercise their imaginations, rather than passively observing videos or mindlessly playing games, making it a guilt-free screen-time option that parents will enjoy too.

– Children will unlock new content daily from December 1st until Christmas Day in the form of an interactive advent calendar.

– Professional voice actors give voice to over 70 characters and 100+ short stories in the app; Lacus Island, the world of Christmas that Jill has created, is truly brought to life.

– Children learn all of the preparation and technology needed for Santa’s big Christmas journey, every step of the way, from Santa receiving children’s letters, to their gift being loaded onto the sleigh. They’ll even learn who magically slows time so Santa can get around the world in one night.

– There is a news outlet, The Lacus Herald, which reports several stories every day from December 1st so children can keep up with the host of elves, reindeers and fairies who ensure Christmas runs smoothly.

– There is whole world to read about and explore in-app, with 50+ buildings, 19 magical shops, TV and Radio stations, festive emergency services, and magical transport systems like the Blue Buscopter (a flying school bus!)

Jill says: “After missing out on so much already this year, I didn’t want my son – or any children – to miss out on the magic of Christmas. Santa Academy will keep the magic alive for families around the UK and America, from the safety of our own homes.”

The Santa Academy app is £6.99 and available to pre-order on the App Store and Google Play from November 1st in the UK and USA. School starts on December 1st, when the app’s content will update daily until Christmas Day. Jill hopes to bring a range of innovative apps to the children’s market in the coming years to encourage children to read and exercise their imaginations throughout 2021 and beyond.


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