Moody Logistics and Storage is aiming to calculate the carbon footprint of the goods it delivers as part of its ‘To NetZero’ initiative.

With some corporate customers already requesting carbon tracking, the family-run firm engaged a specialist consultancy to identify methods of measuring the C02 generated as part of the transportation process.

A green audit was also conducted to examine ways that the Cramlington-based business can further shrink its own carbon footprint.

Many major businesses are increasingly looking to account for their own C02 emissions as well as that of their supply chain partners – allowing them to understand the amount of greenhouse gases created during the production and transportation of goods.

Moody’s is developing its ability to track and report the CO2 journey of delivered goods which they hope will help it secure further contracts with those current and potential customers wishing to achieve corporate emissions targets.

As well as carbon tracking, it is also implementing a range of driver improvements which look to reduce overall mileage by more efficient route planning. Other examples include monitoring drivers through the vehicle fleet management system to increase efficiency by switching off their engines when the truck is not in use and by avoiding harsh braking and fast acceleration.

It has also changed all warehouse lighting to LED, reduced the carbon emissions of its website and reformed office practices, including reducing file sizes, deleting unused files, using email alternatives, and recycling unused digital devices.

Caroline Moody, chief executive of Moody Logistics and Storage, said: “We are constantly updating our fleet to ensure we operate the most fuel efficient trucks but by undergoing this green audit, it allows us to better understand our own carbon footprint so that we can further decarbonise our operations.

“Some of our corporate customers are now asking for the carbon tracking of the goods we deliver on their behalf, so I’m delighted that we are working with them to develop a process to do just that.  It shows that through our ‘To NetZero’ initiative Moody’s is committed to reducing C02 and I hope that it will position us as a reliable and trustworthy supply chain partner of choice.”