A family run electrical installation firm in Middlesbrough has become an approved installer of electric vehicle charging points.

Marton Electrical is the only EV charging installer across North East England.

Rapid chargers are used by taxi, courier and general motorists with electric vehicles and with over 300,000 motorists predicted to be opting for electric cars in 2021, EV Charging is definitely the way forward.

A huge rise is expected in the following years, with London taking lead and North East swiftly following behind. The EV key features include quick installation, electrical protection and a compact design to provide electric motorists with a greener driving experience and can be installed at home or at your workplace.

What’s more is that the company has previously had contracted works with Durham University, Ithica Films (now based in the old Barker & Stonehouse building), new-builds across Teesside and other commercial firms across Stockport, Manchester and York. This very much reflects the fruition of their 30 years in operation.

Sustainable business practice amongst electric contractors is still in its infancy, and so Marton Electrical continues to drive new standards within the industry and show no signs of slowing down. In recent times, they have contracted Teesville Academy and self builds in Wynyard, providing only the highest quality electrical installation services across the North East and beyond.

For motorists with electric vehicles, they can contact Marton Electrical to book in for their own EV charging point – head to their enquiry page for more information to which you can fill out an application for your home or workplace.