Matfen Hall, a luxury hotel and country estate nestled in picturesque Northumberland, is delighted to announce they have launched a brand new gin in partnership with Northumberland-based Hepple Spirits Company.

The new gin, 1832 was named after the stylish bar within the hotel and was developed to enhance the offering for Matfen Hall’s sophisticated clientele.

Rich in flavours, the 1832 gin is exotic and alluring on the nose, it features zesty citrus notes, swell of rich juniper, and exotic spices. The long finish is full of juniper notes enriched by subtle dark chocolate and bitter orange notes.

Created to be drunk in a rich and sumptuous environment, Matfen Hall’s rich oak and beautifully intricate plasterwork provides the perfect backdrop for the gin.

Chris Garden, Head Distiller & Founder of Hepple Spirits Co. describes having the opportunity to collaborate with Matfen Hall, “At Hepple we have been able to stock our gins in some of the finest luxury establishments in the country, most notably Claridge’s Hotel. Now we are bringing our expertise and classical ingredients to Northumberland’s Matfen Hall. The prestige and grandeur of this luxury hotel fits perfectly with our brand to deliver unique flavours for their esteemed clientele.”

Matfen Hall’s head of commercial development, James O’Donnell describes the partnership with Hepple Spirits Company and the 1832 gin, “To be able utilise the extraordinary offerings of the Northumberland countryside makes Matfen Hall unique. The Hepple Spirits Company incorporated the stunning ingredients from the local area to create our new 1832 gin. The 1832 gin captures the essence of Matfen Hall – exceptional quality and unparalleled luxury.”