Motivational Preparation College for Training, a wholly owned subsidiary of National training provider, Learning Curve Group (LCG), OUTSTANDING in 2 areas and GOOD overall by Ofsted in a recent inspection.

Learning Curve Group’s MPCT academies, based across England and Wales, prepare young people for a career in the military. MPCT works with the armed forces to help learners aged 16 to 19 prepare for the selection process to enter the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force or the Army.

Ofsted said “because of the high expectations of staff, learners quickly develop the excellent standards of behaviours they need to succeed in the armed forces. Learners are motivated to do well and have highly positive attitudes to their learning.”

The training provider received GOOD in three areas including the quality of education, leadership and management and education programmes for young people. Gaining a score of GOOD overall effectiveness.

Brenda McLeish OBE DL, Chief Executive Officer at LCG said: “I am delighted with the outcome of our recent Ofsted inspection of our MPCT academies. At Learning Curve Group our mission is to transform lives through learning by giving people the skills and knowledge to succeed. So, it is incredibly important to us that we are continuing to meet high quality standards of education to ensure our learners have a successful application into the armed forces.

I am very thankful to our ‘Purple People’ who have worked so hard to ensure we achieved 2 Outstanding grades and Good overall effectiveness. One of our key pieces of feedback from this inspection was that “learners gain huge amounts of confidence and pride, and a sense of worth, because of the training they receive.”

The Ofsted report highlighted that “learners thrive in the care of highly motivated staff, most of who have military backgrounds and are excellent role models.” Learning Curve Group have 38 military academies across the England and Wales where learners can gain the skills to enter a career in the military whilst learning from fully trained ex-armed forces professionals. The training provider supports over 200,000 learners every year to learn new skills.

The ‘Purple People’, the dedicated staff at LCG, are dedicated to transforming lives through learning and are guided by their strong core values. LCG have already achieved their mission to transform one million lives through learning – but they aren’t stopping there. The training provider is continuously developing their provision and employer links to reach more learners, make education more accessible and ensure they are providing high quality training.

This was LCG’s third Ofsted inspection of this academic year, the provider has achieved an overall Good rating with elements of outstanding in all three inspections.

Brenda McLeish OBE DL said: “I am extremely proud of all our provision and welcome the opportunity to show the inspectors the important work that we do to transform lives. We look forward to Ofsted visiting us again for our inspections of our other subsidiary businesses.”

MPCT were acquired by Learning Curve Group in October 2021 and to expand LCG’s existing military provision and their geographical reach to Wales. LCG’s original Yorkshire military academies have since become MPCT academies.