North Shields-based, Carney Consultancy, has seen a surge in demand for advice on environmental and carbon reduction, resulting in a number of collaborative partnerships.

Jobling Purser, which has its headquarters on the Scotswood Road, Newcastle, is one example, engaging Carney Consultancy as it commits to meet its environmental responsibilities, whilst also gaining continued access to important supply chains.

Jobling Purser is at the forefront of coated stone and bitumen emulsification technology with an extensive history of over 100 years developing materials within the highway maintenance and industrial coatings sectors.

With two strategically positioned, state of the art asphalt plants, it supplies a full suite of asphalt and macadams to contractors across the north of England and the Scottish Borders.  The emulsification mills and packed product facilities gives Jobling Purser the position of supplying their customers all of their bitumen requirements in one place.

Earlier this year, Carney Consultancy, a specialist health, safety, environmental and quality consultancy and training provider for the construction and engineering sectors, provided specialist training to three of its staff in areas such as sustainability and environmental awareness. It is also developing a carbon calculator road map to assist clients in their goal to achieve a net zero business by 2050.

Director, Martin Crammond, health and safety assistant, Kerry Benson and health and safety consultant, Jamie Clark, undertook a range of courses to ensure SMEs meet the increasingly strict environmental stipulations being put in place by clients in the public and private sectors.

Martin Crammond, said: “There is no doubt that public sector bodies and major operators in the private sector, are demanding far greater transparency and rigour from SMEs when it comes to their environmental commitments. Now, with our advanced knowledge and training, we are in a very strong position to assist companies in the supply chain on their net zero journey.

“Jobling Purser, has engaged us to support its carbon reduction reporting. Although it does not legally fall into the categories for streamlined energy and carbon reporting, the company is forward thinking and, as a result, is ahead of the curve. We applaud its proactive approach.

“It has allowed time, effort and resources to undertake Scope 1, Scope 2 and even Scope 3 emissions, which are broken down into three categories by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol in order to better understand the source.

“This has helped to give the company a holistic overview of its business operations in Newcastle, subsequently leading it to request further reviews of its additional locations situated throughout the North of England. It has been a good process to allow ourselves and Jobling Purser to work collaboratively to identify its current carbon footprint and identify areas in which it can look to improve.”

David Jobling-Purser, sales and marketing director at Jobling Purser said “Understanding not only a base line carbon footprint of our business but, more importantly, the detailed breakdown of where those emissions occur, means we can tackle areas to make easy gains and cut our greenhouse gases.  The work Carney Consultancy has done gives us the foundations on which to analyse our actions and make informed decisions to minimise the impact on the environment.”