Tees Valley businesses who are looking to raise investment capital to fuel their growth plans and seize the post-pandemic opportunities are set for a boost.

Next month, the Tees Valley Pitch Perfect – Investment Readiness 2022 Programme launches.

Businesses with high-growth potential can secure access to a team of highly experienced investment professionals with a demonstrable track record in helping entrepreneurs to grow their ventures faster and further than they could have imagined possible.

The programme will be delivered by the Tees Valley Business Hub (TVBH) and forms part of Teesside University’s Grow Tees Valley project. Participating businesses will be provided with one-on-one coaching and workshops on business growth and securing investment, including a two-day interactive residential focusing on personal, professional and business development at Hardwick Hall Hotel where business experts, leading actors and celebrities will come to share their knowledge and experiences. The programme will culminate with the opportunity to pitch to an audience of carefully selected investors – including angel investors, venture capital figures and corporate investors.

Since the TVBH launched in 2019, the Hub has supported hundreds of businesses across the Tees Valley area with their plans to start, survive and thrive. The TVBH’s experienced team work alongside businesses to develop a carefully tailored strategy to overcome the challenges of the pandemic and exploit the opportunities that lie within difficult economic times.

“Access to finance is a subject we have heard of many times as being a priority to businesses in the Tees Valley, whether that’s to get back on track and refocus after the enormous challenges of the past two years, or else to capitalise on opportunities that have arisen in the market and which they’re keen to take advantage of,” says Ammar Mirza CBE, Executive Chair of the SME Centre for Excellence Group.

“While this continues to be a turbulent time, for ambitious businesses this is also the time to look to the future and to making goals a reality. Our team at the Tees Valley Business Hub can help make that happen and, working alongside Grow Tees Valley and a range of stakeholders on this programme, we are dedicated to doing all we can to deliver the right support at the right time for Tees Valley businesses.”

Jordan Dargue, Chief Executive of TVBH, says: “This programme is key for any business who is based in the Tees Valley and looking to raise finance in the next 12 to 18 months.

“They will receive expert guidance and assistance from a team of investment professionals, along with specialist support, investment advice and introductions at the end of the programme. Our aim over the course of the programme is to help raise a minimum of £2 million, create 100 jobs and promote inclusive growth.”

Suhail Aslam, Project Director of Grow Tees Valley, adds: “We are delighted to be working with The SME Centre of Excellence and the Tees Valley Business Hub to deliver this exciting programme as part of the wider Teesside University Grow Tees Valley project.

“The Pitch Perfect – Investment Readiness Programme will offer SMEs the opportunity to learn from experts about how to design, deliver and execute a proficient financial pitch to investment professionals.”

Linda Burgess and Anna Coulson, founders of Champion Tutor and part of the first cohort of Pitch Perfect Businesses, say, “Champion has found the programme invaluable in knowing and planning all steps for the pitch to investors. We loved the networking, coaching and advice, which we hope will help take Champion to the next stage of growth.”

Taking place over the next few months, the Pitch Perfect – Investment Readiness Programme is a must for any business in the Tees Valley looking to grow, and, thanks to the funding of the European Regional Department Fund (ERDF), this highly competitive programme is completely free to eligible businesses. Organisations from across all sectors are welcome to apply to take part in this exciting and value driven opportunity.

To learn more about the initiative and apply, sign up at www.tvbh.co.uk/pitch-perfect