Discover Elite will save businesses even more time when searching for UK tenders

Finding tenders has been made that little bit easier thanks to Durham-based business, Hudson. Their new update, Discover Elite, will save businesses even more time when searching for tendering opportunities.

Hudson is a provider of business development services, supporting clients from across the globe in 18 countries. To help organisations find new business opportunities, they already operate 11 sector-specific tendering portals through their Hudson Discover division.

If your business is already tendering for work, you know what a minefield it can be. The Hudson Discover portals streamline the tendering process, sourcing unique, private and public sector opportunities. The portals were designed save users time when searching for the right tendering opportunity for their business. Hudson’s new Discover Elite offering can save users even more time when searching for tenders, even when they’re busy.

The new packages consist of The Ultimate Time Saving Tool and Become a Pre-Bid Master. Both packages include a dedicated Account Manager and access to their experienced Bid Consultants. They will carefully consider the right tendering opportunity for the client’s business. Weekly phone calls will also help clients identify viable tenders.

The Account Managers will take care of all the pre-bid admin. This includes logging onto the buyer’s portals, downloading all the tender documents, reading and breaking down the specification. They’ll provide up to seven tender breakdowns per month. This will help to improve a client’s bid success rate and competitor awareness.

Both packages include an annual subscription to two Discover tender portals. This is a great option if the client’s business overlaps the construction and logistics sectors, for example. The Become a Pre-Bid Master package includes a full bid strategy, developed by Hudson’s Senior Bid Consultants. The team have over 60 years of collective experience and proudly hold an 87% bid success rate.

Hudson’s Group CEO said: “Over the past year, the way business is conducted has changed drastically. We are seeing more and more businesses turn to tendering as a route to securing work. There has never been a better time to invest in a sustainable bidding strategy.

Discover Elite was developed in response to businesses expressing that tender tracking drains too much resource. We know that pre-bid admin can be time-consuming and extensive for larger contracts. The Discover Elite upgrade eliminates all the admin and lengthy breakdown processes, allowing clients to focus on winning the bid.”

Their 11 industry-specific portals offer a great solution to otherwise chaotic procurement websites. If your business has tendered before, you know how hard it is to find the right opportunities amongst irrelevant notices. Incorrectly used CPV codes make the job even harder, doing the opposite of what they were intended for. Hudson’s innovative solution of manually sourcing and uploading live tenders streamlines the process, ensuring maximum relevancy. Being able to filter the results by keyword, budget and location to name a few saves hours.

The Hudson Group shows no sign of slowing down, recruiting 13 new staff over the course of the pandemic. COVID-19 has changed the traditional ways of doing businesses. A lot of sectors and businesses have suffered as a result of this. Networking and face-to-face meetings are no longer the norm. However, in the world of procurement, buyers aren’t stopping, they’re continuing to publish a wealth of opportunities every day. In fact, over the last 12-months, 34,000 tenders were uploaded to the Hudson Discover portals.

“Tendering as a viable new business channel has never been more important.” – John Hudson, Group CEO.

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