Advanced Cutting Tools has formed a partnership with Newcastle United, bringing the company closer to the heart of the local community.

Becoming members of the Newcastle United Executive Club has allowed the Hebburn-based business to experience big-brand exposure.

The company are broadcast throughout each matchday at St. James’ Park, helping to establish a connection between Advanced Cutting Tools and the club’s supporters.

Advanced Cutting Tools have been setting new standards in the cutting tool industry for over a decade. Initially from a small garage, founded by Michael Richardson in 2006, and today from a 3,600 square foot facility with a 20 strong team. Driven by a single-minded determination to find the best possible cutting tool for the exact and immediate need, ACT are leaders in supplying the most accurate cutting tools and solutions in the market.

Being involved with the Newcastle United Executive club held a strong appeal for Michael Richardson, a life-long supporter of the club, who has attended games at St. James’ Park for several decades:

“From a business perspective, it’s a level of exposure that you would never get otherwise. You’re rubbing shoulders with the main sponsors. You’re on the same boards, just on different sides. The branding is the main thing because it’s being shown to 50,000 fans, who might not be potential customers, but they’ll know people who are.


“From a personal point of view, being a Newcastle fan all my life, it’s not something I ever dreamed of as a teenager; that I would have my own business and be associated with Newcastle United. So, I have to pinch myself!”


The Newcastle United Executive Club is the product of a partnership between the Football Club and Eleven Sports Media, helping to create a digital platform that engages with fans at various points throughout every game.


Advanced Cutting Tools see their company logo featured on crowd-facing LED boards; whilst also being broadcast on StadiumTV and StatZone screens that are located within the concourses, ensuring extensive brand exposure.


In addition, the business has been able to attend exclusive Executive Club events, that have included a Q&A with Bobby Moncur, and enjoy matchday hospitality. However, it’s the reaction of Advanced Cutting Tools’ clients that has been one of the biggest positives for the company:

“The first game that our branding was on, I went to a customer on the Tees Valley to have a meeting, and rather than just the person I was having a meeting with, five people turned up – the other four had been at the game and came to say, ‘we saw you at the ground!’”

“We’ve been on TV as well. Believe it or not, we had someone from down south ring up asking about us because he saw our logo on Match of the Day! Since we’ve been associated with the club, a lot of people have said they’ve seen our vans around the North East.

“The company has certainly benefited from the Newcastle United Executive Club, whether it be the people working with ACT, our customers, or the brand exposure helping to build a relationship with supporters.”

Being associated with Newcastle United has helped raise Advanced Cutting Tools’ brand awareness, and Michael Richardson remains proud of the company’s links to the Football Club:

“I’ve followed them all my life because of my father and I used to have my own season ticket when I was about 13. If someone came to me as a teenager and said, ‘The logos for your business will be going around St James’ Park’, you’d laugh at them! It’s definitely a proud moment every time I see it.”