North Shields-based Carney Consultancy has seen increased demand for advice on environmental and carbon reduction issues from companies fearing they will lose out on crucial public sector contracts.

Such is the call for support, that Carney Consultancy has provided specialist training to three of its staff in areas such as sustainability and environmental awareness. The company is also in the process of developing a carbon calculator (road map) to assist clients in their goal to achieve a net zero business by 2050.

Director, Martin Crammond, health and safety assistant, Kerry Benson and health and safety consultant, Jamie Clark, have undertaken a range of courses to ensure SMEs meet the increasingly strict environmental stipulations being put in place by clients in the public and private sectors.

The training has included an introduction to Carbon Accounting and Reporting delivered by Tamma Carel Training. Then, two courses delivered by Smart Carbon Limited – Carbon Champion: Carbon Foot Printing and Reporting for Organisations and Climate Change: Risk, Opportunity and Business Resilience.

Martin Crammond, said: “Since November 2021, we have gained 20 new customers which has been through a mixture of organic growth and word of mouth.

“While carbon reduction and net zero are issues that have been talked about for some time, we have noticed that since the turn of the year, companies have been approaching us more frequently for advice and guidance, as they are being asked to outline their strategies and tactics in these areas more regularly within tenders and are concerned that they will miss out on important contracts. Increasingly, to be part of a supply chain, you must prove you are not only aware of issues such as carbon reduction, but that you have a plan in place to minimise your footprint and that is where many companies are currently struggling.”

Kerry Benson, health and safety assistant, said: “As part of my role, I manage Constructionline accounts, SSiP’s (Safety Scheme in Procurement) and safety health environment management systems.

“The training we have undertaken has helped us to build up our knowledge and will enable us to help customers going forward. There is no doubt that public sector bodies and major operators in the private sector are demanding far greater transparency and rigour from SMEs when it comes to their environmental commitments. Now, with our advanced knowledge and training, Carney Consultancy is in a very strong position to assist companies in the supply chain on their net zero journey.”