After securing significant funds with the support of MHA Tait Walker’s corporate finance team, Gateshead company ART Health Solutions, has grown its business to accelerate traction across global markets and bolster ESG and CSR policies on behalf of its customers.

Following several successful capital raises alongside the MHA Tait Walker Corporate Finance team led by Lee Humble, ART has further enhanced their mobile app delivered services: One Wellbeing.

One Wellbeing has been praised for helping businesses deliver on ESG and CSR initiatives, something that has increased in importance in many businesses.

As prospective employees and investors look to work with companies who have environmental and social ethics at the top of their properties, MHA Tait Walker’s corporate finance team emphasise that fundraising can be key to accelerating these policy areas.

Dr Phill Bell, Chief Operations Officer of ART Health Solutions said: “Even prior to the pandemic, there was growing recognition that employee health and wellbeing is not only something organisations should provide, but also one that, if delivered correctly, is pivotal to the bottom-line performance of all businesses. Since the pandemic, this feeling has gained further momentum with CEO’s routinely stating that the health and wellbeing of employees is their number one priority.”

The success of the corporate finance team’s work with ART proved that the global boom in corporate ESG and CSR initiatives are relevant to SMEs across the UK. MHA Tait Walker continues to advocate for investment in these areas.

Phil said: “Our product and service aligns directly with ESG and CSR related initiatives across multiple sustainability issues. For example, one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is Good Health & Wellbeing, an issue that our service directly points towards in improving employee health and wellbeing. Furthermore, our data, reporting and insights allow organisations to provide better working conditions and experiences for their teams across the world, supporting Decent Work and Economic Growth. There are multiple other routes to aligning our service with organisation specific ESG and CSR goals.”

Phil continued: “Working with the team at MHA Tait Walker throughout this raise was both a great experience and an integral part to getting the deal done. The team’s knowledge of the investment landscape, energy and drive to see us succeed combined with expert accountancy and modelling support, enabled us to present our proposition in the compelling manner that it deserved.

“We have also utilised MHA Tait Walker’s more general accountancy services (tax, end of year accounting, R&D credits, EMI schemes) throughout the last two years which have all enabled us to grow our business in a compliant and timely manner.”

Lee Humble, associate partner Corporate Finance at MHA Tait Walker has recognised the potential that fundraising has for clients. He said: “It’s been wonderful supporting Phill and his team on their journey. I’m delighted that the funds raised have not only supported ART and helped them on their continued growth journey, but also supported the ESG and CSR policies of our clients.”

The corporate finance team at MHA Tait Walker has developed a strong relationship with ART and continues to offer strategic advice to help further the business.

Lee added: We have seen first-hand how the company has made their way into global markets and have been delighted to offer them the advice they need. The investment they received earlier in the year has given them the opportunity to invest in the recruitment of several positions, providing them the platform to accelerate their client acquisition in the coming months and years.”