Framing Unlimited, a picture framing business in Chester Le Street’s Drum Industrial Estate, has proudly announced a significant collaboration with County Durham artist Mr Sly who is known for his mixed media collages and contemporary interpretation of 20th Century pop culture.

The business, run by new owner, Blayne Palmer, has framed several of the artist’s work including a piece featuring musician Ed Sheeran which is destined for the pop star’s personal collection.

Blayne took over the established business 18 months ago after leaving university with a degree in business management and a series of jobs including marketing, hospitality, and selling cars. When the previous owner wanted to sell the business, Blayne seized the opportunity, and after a brief but intensive training period, took over the reins of Framing Unlimited.

Learning his craft, Blayne was mentored by the previous owner which was essential for him to acquire the necessary skills in picture framing. He has state of the art equipment in his workshop to ensure that the frames are perfectly made and that the glass is cut exactly to size with minimal waste. With his growing reputation and his work being sent all over the world, he now has a full order book and is tackling more difficult framing jobs in his stride.

The business has successfully framed a diverse range of artworks, including large-format pieces such as a six-foot artwork by Mick Graham, who specialises in military imagery – most notably armoured vehicles and tanks and photography by several local photographers. In addition, Blayne has framed wedding dresses, signed football shirts and even a rug made from camel hair.

“I’m delighted the way that the business has grown in such a short period of time and I’m very proud that one of my framing commissions is ending up in a super star’s home. I enjoy working with Mr Sly who has collectors all over the world and clients including Chelsea Football Club, L’Oréal and Red Ken.

“I’m also taking the business in a new direction as there is a growing market for framing wedding dresses. Traditionally, they are used once and left in a wardrobe but having them in a beautiful frame on your wall is a constant reminder of your big day and looks amazing too. I’ve done a few of these and the fashion is catching on,” he said.