A family business begun by a father and son team more than three decades ago has resulted in the growth of one of the region’s largest holiday and residential groups with its flagship site now celebrating 21 years in business.

Ord House Country Park, nestled in the Border town of Berwick, celebrates 21 years of hospitality under the stewardship of the Maguire family. As children, brothers Billy, (38) Gilbert (36), and Nathan (25) were raised amidst the hustle and bustle of the family business, learning the ropes, doing everything from delivering gas bottles to unblocking drains. This unique upbringing, and the business know-how passed on by their father and grandfather, Billy Senior, and Billy, have stood them in good stead. Now, with the trio at the helm of the Country Parks business, a new chapter in the Maguire’s family history is unfolding.

Maguires Country Parks, based in Darlington, now owns eight parks, from Berwick, north Northumberland, down to Topcliffe, North Yorkshire, offering a combination of luxurious holiday homes, residential park homes and pitches for touring holidays.

What started as humble farmland and neglected buildings has blossomed into a real five-star countryside retreat. The centrepiece is a Grade 2 listed building – the grand Manor House the park is named for. Once a dilapidated structure, the original manor house now proudly serves as Ord House Bar and Grill: a family restaurant area and exclusive adults-only lounge. Complete with elegant furnishings and the timeless charm of a luxury hotel, it epitomises the transformation Ord House Country Park has undergone.  Reflecting on this journey, Billy Maguire Jr., eldest of the trio, shares, “My father Billy Snr bought Ord House back in 2003 from the Marshall family, who inherited it from the park’s founders. We were brought up on this and on the family’s other parks and we started at the bottom doing all the mundane, routine jobs – the only way to learn. It’s been our passion and ambition to revitalise it into the gem it is today and build on our family legacy.”

Spanning 44 acres of picturesque landscape, Ord House Country Park offers a diverse range of accommodation, from touring pitches to holiday caravans and residential lodges. “Every area has its own personality,” says Nathan Maguire. “There’s a tailored experience for everyone who comes: We have weekenders, seasonal visitors, second homers. Even those who want to move to the countryside full-time in our fully licensed residential areas”.

The Maguire brothers have kept the family feeling at Ord House Country Park, with longstanding team members embodying their commitment to excellence: “Some of them have been with us the whole 21 years”, emphasises Gilbert. “Their passion and dedication make every visit memorable for our customers and we appreciate the hard work they put into making the park home for so many people.”

The use of good, old-fashioned customer service, mixed in with modern technology has also been a winning formula for the Maguire brothers. “If someone is having a residential home built on our park, we like to keep them informed of progress at every stage of the design and build. After all, this is going to be their home,” explains Gilbert. “We use the latest trackable video technology to show the building’s progress by email or messaging, communicating with the new owner to make sure we get everything right such as where parking is, or where the main windows should look out onto. We love to get all the little details just perfect for them and it means we can all share in the excitement even before they arrive at the park.”

Looking ahead, The Maguires Country Parks Group and Ord House Country Park show no signs of slowing down. Expansion plans are underway, with new developments and more residential opportunities on the horizon. The brothers have created a management team to help, support and drive the business forward. “We’ve an excellent leadership team who share our family values. We’re excited for the future,” said Gilbert. “As a family, we remain committed to delivering exceptional experiences and creating lasting memories for our guests.”

“We’re so fortunate for the foundation that we’ve been given from our dad and granddad, and we want them to be proud of what we’ve achieved thanks to their guidance and their foresight when we were young,” he added.