Everflow, the leading utilities provider for businesses, has announced the appointment of Lucy Armstrong as its new Chairperson.

Lucy joins Everflow to guide and support as it continues its growth journey, while also preserving its values as it expands into other industries.

In her role as Chairperson, Lucy will act as a custodian, working closely with Everflow’s executive team to deliver value through the continued growth of the business. With a focus on expanding the company’s service offerings and tapping into the vast potential of the SME market, Lucy brings a wealth of experience in guiding businesses through moments of step change.

Everflow, initially positioned in the water industry, has successfully demonstrated its ability to deliver innovative solutions to businesses. Now, the organisation is exploring avenues for multi-utility provision, exemplified by it entering the waste market last year and its recent launch into the telecoms market.

Additionally, Everflow recently achieved the significant milestone of serving 100,000 premises, further solidifying its position as a key player in the utilities sector.

Lucy Armstrong, Chairperson, Everflow, comments: “Everflow is a credible, capable operator that is succeeding in new marketplaces. With its fundamentals in place and established values and behaviours, Everflow is poised for a successful growth journey. There are over 5.8 million SMEs in the UK for Everflow to serve. This represents a fantastic opportunity for the business.”

Craig Dallison, CEO, Everflow, Comments: “We are thrilled to welcome Lucy onboard as our new Chairperson. Her extensive experience and strategic insights will be invaluable as we continue to expand our services and reach new heights. Lucy’s appointment underscores our commitment to driving innovation and growth while staying true to our core values.”

Currently, Lucy also serves as a Non-Executive Director and Chair for businesses such as Port of Tyne, Holker Estate, and Cyberhawk. She is also the Chief Executive of The Alchemist, a boutique consultancy focused on supporting fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses.