A fast-growing Teesside firm renowned for its valuable insights on the energy market has revealed ambitious plans to expand its international footprint across Europe.

Stockton-on-Tees-based EnAppSys already operates across several European markets, including Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Ireland, and is also well-established in the UK.

Now the award-winning company is eyeing up more European markets, with Portugal, Spain and Italy next in its sights. With 35 staff including 25 in Stockton, the company is aiming to increase headcount to more than 100 in the next 2-3 years. 

Director Phil Hewitt said: “Since 2003 we’ve grown into a multi-million-pound turnover operation with 35 staff and a base in Terneuzen, the Netherlands. Now we want to embark on the next phase of our expansion, which involves tapping into other markets in Europe.

“As we grow, we’ll be increasing our staff numbers exponentially, so we’ll be seeking to hire the best talent both here in the North East and overseas.”

Established in 2003, EnAppSys is a highly respected provider of data, consultancy and information services to companies in the energy and power generation markets. These services are used by some of the biggest wholesale energy market participants in Europe – including generators, stakeholders, suppliers and traders – to improve their understanding of the market and maximise the value they are able to extract from it.  

EnAppSys is also at the cutting edge of the energy transition, empowering consumers to schedule their consumption to make it as green and cheap as possible.