Communications and marketing specialist, Bradley O’Mahoney, has partnered with Stephenson Ventures as it launches ‘The vital ingredient for game-changing venture capital’.

The six-month programme is for fast growing companies – such as those in the tech sector – that recognise the quickest route to growth is via external investment and, in particular, venture capital.

Bradley O’Mahoney was established in 1991 and has assisted a vast range of clients in areas such as brand positioning and reputation management. Neil Stephenson, owner of Stephenson Ventures, is the former CEO of Onyx Group, which he exited in 2016 when the company was acquired in a deal reportedly worth £65 million.

​Neil Stephenson, said: “Convincing investors that your business is a winner, depends on many factors, including the strength of your business plan and the confidence investors have in the management team. Getting the right level of investment at the right time in the growth cycle will be a game-changer for many companies, especially those wishing to look long term towards an exit strategy.

“I represent a range of highly ambitious tech pioneers and businesses either as a coach, investor or non exec director and I advise them all on the key strategic issues they need to put in place if they are to be successful in attracting investment. Without doubt, one of the most important is that they have to focus on building their brand. Essentially, they need to punch way above their weight.

“When seeking funding they need to send a clear message that they employ the very best people, work for great clients and that, if they are not already, they will very soon be the market leader and out of sight of any potential competitors. Investors will pick this up and it will build confidence that they have before them a strong management team and a great business proposition, both of which they can invest in.”

The programme is one of three that Bradley O’Mahoney has developed. The other two are CEO Strategic Profile Building and Employer of Choice – The War for Talent, which focusses on the power of brand to attract the very best talent in the jobs market.

Sarah O’Mahoney, director, Bradley O’Mahoney, said: “Each of these programmes are designed to meet the most crucial challenges that businesses face and the crucial role that brand positioning can play in helping a company differentiate itself in the market in terms of its products, services or as an employer.

“We are launching ‘The Vital Ingredient For Game-Changing Venture Capital’ at a time when the tech sector is booming across the North of England, with many companies looking for external investment. We wanted to bring real value to our proposition and we have certainly done that by collaborating with Stephenson Ventures, which will provide clients with a clear insight as to how and when to look for investment. Backed by own skills and expertise in brand building and presentation skills, we believe we have a fantastic opportunity to fill a gap in the market.”

The programme, which can be adapted to meet individual needs, includes the following:-
Strategic advice from Sarah O’Mahoney and Neil Stephenson. A video featuring the management team that can be sent to potential investors as a first glimpse of the business and also placed on the company website and social channels. Preparing the management team for first stage interviews with investors to include presentation skills and production of materials. A review of website and social channels to ensure these ‘front of house’ channels are providing investors with messages that build confidence and show a company that has a clear position in its chosen market. Preparing the senior management team for interview by the news media and building a positive profile of the business and its management team in important media in advance of seeking funding.