Two North East women who made a brave and difficult decision to leave their successful, long established and worthwhile careers for happier, more rewarding lives have joined forces to give others the confidence to do the same.

The pair, Julie McVeigh, from Tynemouth and Amber Farrier, from Pegswood, started the process of change after taking professional coaching training where they realised they could offer a new approach to leadership, management and working with others to help them access their potential. Julie, a qualified social worker left her position as Assistant Director with a major third sector national organisation to join former Finance Business Manager Amber in their new venture.

Now, after 10 years of coaching experience and a whole new approach to thinking, they are using their strong personal and professional talents as coaches and leaders to help people and organisations realise their own personal and career dreams.

Their business Connected Coaching North East, based in Clavering Place, Newcastle, offers individual executive and career coaching, coaching for companies and a range of pick and mix lunch and learn workshops anyone can sign up to.

Said Julie: “Leaving our long-established roles in a national organisation was a big deal for both of us but we always felt there were more creative ways to work with people. The biggest problem most people face is that they limit themselves. Many may also have imposter syndrome where deep down they think they don’t deserve to be where they are, maybe even that they will be found out. It holds them back but it doesn’t need to be that way.”

Amber added: “To us coaching is about happiness and fulfilment. Our coaching is action-orientated. By holding our clients to account through positive reinforcement they gain confidence and feel happier and more able to make positive decisions.”

The pair have introduced a series of seasonally-inspired workshops designed to be sampled individually or as a complete journey of personal development, including self-awareness, stress management, efficiency, creativity, time management and career change.

The first ‘autumn’ workshop focussed on connecting people with their skills, abilities and hidden talents, and was a huge success with participants ranging from individuals seeking improved personal relationships to business executives looking for enhanced career satisfaction.

The next workshop is planned in Whitley Bay on February 4 and will focus on “exploring your inner self and what motivates you.”

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One advocate to the Connected Coaching ethos is Cath Hindle, from Cullercoats, who, like Julie and Amber, was in a role that she felt didn’t fill her full potential.

With Julie and Amber’s help, Cath moved through self-confidence to self-employment and now runs her own successful business Clear the Clutter – where she helps others bring order and clarity by organising spaces at home and work.

“I can’t recommend working with Julie and Amber highly enough and would urge people who feel trapped or stuck to make an investment in themselves and work with them both as a coach. For me this has already paid off tenfold and brought clarity, direction and positive change to my life,” she said.

Both Julie and Amber are fully qualified executive coaches, trainers and facilitators with extensive experience in working with individuals and teams. Their approach encourages reflection, self-awareness and personal growth; underpinned by the belief that people are resourceful and in the right supportive conditions can find solutions to their challenges through positive action and nurturing self-belief.

“It takes courage to make big changes such as giving up a steady job and changing direction but with the right help and guidance it can be the best move ever.

“Our approach is impactful –  investing in yourself, your team or your organisation can bring about sustainable change which helps you to achieve your goals, “said Amber.