North East housing association Bernicia has appointed Andrea Malcolm as Deputy Group Chief Executive as it moves to further strengthen its executive leadership team.

Group Chief Executive John Johnston, alongside the board, recognises the complex environment that Bernicia operates in, whilst also appreciating the significant impact and value that Bernicia’s work and commitment to the North East can generate.

Commenting on the creation of this new role, John said: “Undoubtedly this will continue to be a period of change in our operating environment, including a new government, and a new devolved North East Combined Authority, working alongside committed and ambitious local authority partners.

“With change comes both risk but also significant opportunity and we look forward with a steely determination to continue to drive forward and do the best for our business, tenants, colleagues and wider stakeholders in the region.

“We have decided to create the role of Deputy Group Chief Executive to further support the business with our increasing outward facing commitments.

“We are successfully engaged in a range of forums and initiatives that seek to influence future policy and strategy that will impact Bernicia and our region.

“Andrea has worked with me for a considerable period of time and has been crucial to our success over the years, playing a pivotal role in our development and growth, and she is highly respected both at Bernicia and amongst our stakeholders and peers.”

Andrea said: “These are exciting times for our region and our sector. Bernicia is ideally placed, and ready, to influence and deliver local, regional and national ambitions for quality, affordable homes, strong and prosperous communities and a talented and committed workforce.

“I am delighted to have been appointed as Bernicia’s Deputy Group Chief Executive and look forward to collaborating with tenants, stakeholders and partners to achieve the best possible future for our communities and region.”

Bernicia owns and manages over 14,000 properties from Berwick-upon-Tweed to Darlington, providing homes and services to more than 60,000 residents with an annual turnover of around £100m.