A Middlesbrough-based games design studio has benefited from a £10,000 funding package from HSBC UK to support the refurbishment of its office.

SockMonkey is an award-winning games design studio based in the North East of England, with a heritage of working on a range of games including Songbringer, Beat the Intro and Prison

Architect. The business has used the funding from HSBC UK to refurbish its Middlehaven office, creating a space that caters for its growing team, helps attract new talent and entertains clients, as well as demonstrating the games designer’s unique character.

The newly refreshed office now features a ‘comfy’ conference area, new meeting rooms and wall vinyl designs, creating a professional workspace which is now fit for purpose, fun and relaxed. The presentation area also incorporates a hidey hole for the new full-time office mascot, Minnie the pug.

Bob Makin, CEO of SockMonkey Studios, said: “The business is going through a period of growth and the support from HSBC UK has meant we have been able to create a fun working environment which allows the team to have practical downtime in a light open working space. Off the back of some recently completed projects,
we’re seeing further expansion in turnover and we anticipate doubling the team.”

Jonathon Alderton, Business Banking Specialist at HSBC UK, added: “SockMonkey Studios is a perfect example of a dynamic, growth-hungry business. The company was founded in 2013 and in six years it has become an award-winning games design studio that has landed prestigious contracts. We’re proud to be a part of SockMonkey’s story
and we look forward to seeing it expand in the future.”